Wine International
Film Festival
From 7 to 17 of November in the Penedès
From 27 of November to 1 of December in the Priorat



Vi / nil night and a special tasting for young people, among Most’s recent 2019 events

It’s not all about being seated in an armchair in front of the big screen! Once again El Most suggests, several parallel activities throughout the festival’s ten days in the Penedès.

On Saturday 16th November night we recommend ‘Night of the Wine / nil’,when musician and Dj Miqui Puig will offer one of his unmissable, eclectic sessions full of funk, soul, disco and pop in Vinseum’s courtyard.

In addition, the festival will offer four exceptional tastings in the Capella del Vinseum relating to four films from the Collita section, bringing eco and biodynamic wines from Switzerland; Jerez wines, Piwis grape wines from France and Catalonia; and wines the from different Galician DOs; a tasting by Xoán Cannás, Galician sommelier, Nas de OR 2004 and president of the Instituto Galego del Vino, revealing to us the wide variety of wines from Galician terrains and their denominations (Monterrei, Low Rias, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras).

Take note: we’re also adding in a special tasting for Young wine lovers with Joves + series = 3, a pairing promising many surprises!

This year’s  guest region, Galicia, will also be present through its gastronomy. On Sunday, November 17th, Most culminates the celebrations with a festive lunch using Galician cuisine products!